Anyone have details for Raulito offers?

I was busy when the pop up kept coming up so had to close the ad, and now that I am not busy wondering if anyone is still getting the explanation that is popping up saying what is going on with the Raulito offers. Thanks if you can help.

I think the first offer is a normal 100$ coins. The 2nd offer has an additional like 5k coins, the 3rd offer is nothing, 4th is 1k shells, 5th is 5k shells, and the final offer is a guaranteed 5* raulito if I’m remembering right

Of course raultio and Amber so you can start your own brothel but God dammit now sandy being a hookers cannon…

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Just realised Amber’s flashing her bra

Will cost u over 600 dollars, spend that cash on a good holiday or give to charity cos trust, in 2 weeks time another S class is gonna be released and it will be wash rinse repeat

They look like shotgun shells, not bullets.