Anyone have any tips on Piper?

Anyone have any tips on Piper? I am using HP mods but I know people who are using defense.

I was thinking stun or splash damage for her weapon.

Totaly wrong, everything:
mods set should be def + attackmod or attack + def mod
impair mod? stun or taunt or confuse resist
graze? shes not def character ap drain there or taunt up
weapon - stun/stronger trait

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Attack set, attack, hp, stun resist, defense vs blue, ap drain, mods. 35 attack, huge bonus when attacking, ap down gun.

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Would running crit on her with crit damage mod be better with cutthroat guess she would be to glass cannon though

I use atk set with atk, def, atk vs strong, graze and stun resist. Does quite well

Also use atk, huge ap and stun weapon

  • stun gun/huge ap/atk

Depends on the team you run her in. If you run her on attack with a human shield you can be very aggresive imo. Based on how damage is applied you could go with either attack set or crit set in my opinon. This also depends on the type of weapon you have for her. You could try a simple weapon with attack/crit, huge bonus to ap when attacking and either +35 crit / attack when enemy hp >60%. She’s great to use in combo with a toon like Charlie who you can taunt the enemy = status effect then use Piper after and her cutthroat will apply 1.5x the amount of damage. Mod set could be something like -> attack set mods, attack, attack vs trait of your choice depending on the teams you want to use her against, Attack up when taunted / impaired, resist impair or taunt based on other mod, and last spot could be another way to increase her attack. Personally, I may use her only for her basic attacks and active skill, so I will be crafting her a weapon that has +35 attack, +30 crit and either splash or +35 attack when enemy hp > 60%.

I use Piper for attack only. Her weapon is +attack, +ap on attack, and AP down on attack. Have also considered a weapon that gives something guaranteed in the 3rd slot, something like + attack when enemy HP is greater than 60% or something like that.

Mods is attack set. Top left is attack, top right is +attack vs blue trait, middle is +attack vs yellow trait, bottom left is bleed, bottom right is anti-stun.

I have a shield on my attack team so I don’t use defense mods.

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