Anyone gotten the war being late compensation?


Just wondering I know it says in the message it will come in the next 24hrs, but I’m impatient, so is it boots or Molotov??


I haven’t got it yet but it’s
x2 war can refills
3 trainer crate
8600 Gear Markers
500 Aqua Marine Necklaces


That’s way better than I thought.


Kalishane has posted a few times here CRW 4/14 Issue Announcement
Nice to know it’s something they’re working on incase shit happens again


Nope. Looks like they’re taking their sweet-ass time. Usually, everything else comes within the hour.



I mean it does say within 24 hours so


Never waited so long to get something from this game though. Except that one moment during the Wooden Nugget event where the rewards for the last tourney wasn’t received by many players and there was a huge commotion about the remaining time.


Good thing we don’t have war for you know a few days and then some… What’s the hurry?


I’ve actually had to wait for things a few times when it says “within 24 hours” when most get them automatically. Might be just me though, I know most don’t have these yet though


My condolences.


Got mine!


Just got mine, for my Chattahoochee region I got 2 Burt’s and a Brady. And for my Chilton region I got 2 Basil’s and a Benny which was much needed. Overall I’m happy considering I didn’t know if we would get anything. Thanks again Scopely.


Same. Now I’m 9250 necklaces in. Pretty happy about this event. A 2,3, and 4⭐ trainer. I’ve gotten plenty of Bennies this week anyway.


I got a Bennie so it was worth the wait.


Got mine when I logged on about 30 min ago


I’m same amount of necklaces in! Managed to pull 2 bennys! Must be my lucky day :blush: at the rate we are going with necklaces we can end up with Lucas and/or plenty of gear. Still so many days left.


Thanks for the reply. Feeling the same way. Hoping to get the numbers by Week 3. And I’d like to get Wyatt and Vincent to Tier 3.


I basically use the same team for everything. I have 2 t4 Shivas already. I run Carl Lead and Glenn both t3 would like to t4 them, but I also don’t have ANY ranged 6 stars ascended. I could make a ranged team but just can’t force myself too because I don’t think the team is quite there. Lucas could be a great add, but 12 Hockey masks would really be great for my team too. Tough call :confused:


My advice: save until the last week. If the pace we’re going will be the same the rest of the event, we could be sitting on over 80000 necklaces at best. From there, assess the situation regarding your legends and their tiers and a make your trade-ins accordingly. Got Gauntlets for Wyatt and Sheaths for Vincent. Got 2 Radios but no Watches. I’ll get Lucas when I can and get the gear later.