Anyone got the treasure map yet?


Already have her 6* but wondering if anyone has got the map?


I’m 5 cans plus natural e in, no signs of a map


6 cans


It helps you get the character and gain more league points… win/win


On my 10th one now fml


Exactly. Seeding is a great motivator lol


Also not everything is about beating Carl/Erika teams. We have Tyreese for that.


Raid tournament always has terrible rewards. No point in saving up for that


Nobody needs that Andrea, we want it. 800% damage to 1 character is beast. Don’t compare a good character to a tournament where we don’t even get characters.


Not to mention virtually free. Toon to lvl during tourney…6 cans is nothing to my stockpile sooooo…your opinion is invalid lol


Because we’re too busy pulling sh*t like 5 star Gregory. What’s your point?


I sense salt in the air lol im out


most in new regions don’t


Someone’s salty but it certainly isn’t us :joy: if you haven’t spent a raid can and you’re 1st in your league, then clearly your league isn’t very competitive and is nothing to be proud of.


Why would people spend raid cans when it’s not a raid event for the league? The war got people plenty of trophies. The only benefit to raiding right now is the cakes which most people claimed 10 of 10.

And if you are burning meaningless cans for the league standings, congratulations. Scopely has suckered you into spending to get coins.


Think again. I war any chance I get. If you don’t think Andrea is good, that’s because you’re one of those people with Erika, Magna, etc.


And also I’ll be laughing once Andrea gets her full potential and obliterates an Erika


Im in a relatively new area, very few, if anyone had her. She finally came up in my supply depot yesterday. I bought her for 55,000 with the idea that I’d have plenty of time to level her since it would be FOREVER until they made her legendary…yep, feels like a waste of supply markers. :frowning:


Who spends for raid cans anymore? Who needs to? I can drop about 50 cans right now and barely put a dent in my supply.


Again, not everything is about killing Erika teams, that’s just 1 benefit of her ar.