Anyone get Michelle yet?

Just wondering if anyone coined out for her yet if you did what does her teirs look like?, what do you plan to do with her?, and what do you plan to throw on her weapon? And if you dont have her show us how close you are to getting her?

If you’ve hit every milestone, you’ll have enough of everything except masks by the end of the week (I think scalpels on SR will be the last items).

However, we are four masks short pending the final four maps, and I don’t believe there have been enough offers for four masks. Some impatient ass was on here on Sunday spouting off about how he’d bought a bunch of offers and he had five masks, so even with the third map he’s still waiting on the last.

In terms of use, I thought about using her as an alert team lead, but risk is that she isn’t particularly tough so against all strong team (i.e. the kind you’d run an all alert team) she could get hammered being a fast toon and with the AI favouring trait advantage targeting. She’d be useful supporting a bleed team if you have Yellow Shiva and Davie. Also will probably replace Rick as my Fast team leader.


Thanks for clearing that up, im currently at 4 masks 3 from roadmaps and 1 from offer just incase, but i thought maybe A.D. would make her slightly more reliable for def if you were heading that route

There haven’t been enough masks available yet for anyone to have her. I’m one of those impatient asses though that bought two when they were available. They were not expensive, IIRC, and came with some other useful stuff. I also got them just in case Scopely pulled a stunt making the last map or two insanely difficult. It’s the sort of thing they would do. If the maps turn out to be easy then it’s no great loss, I prefer peace of mind!

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She has a fixed weapon so gotta get lucky on AD. Plus would lose her bleed damage which is possibly some of the attraction of her over other Huge AP leads.

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True true, but like you said if you had some lacerators or however you spell it the bleed wouldn’t do much

I haven’t even played around with lacerator and bleed damage. I guess Michelle + Davie and an 8% weapon might be something to at least try out. However, I think currently it’s all about the buff/debuff and then smash.

Bleed is all about the compound effect, so 400 is minimal but once you have once bleeders stacking more on it and a lacerator doubling it you get something pretty crippling.

She has a pretty nice rush and should so some major damage, with stun if she doesn’t get a couple of kills.

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If you read my thread on the Michelle items, you don’t need to hit every milestone across the event to get Michelle. Modest effort should get you Michelle and a handful of mods. I was merely pointing out that, without offers, it would only be possible to have all the non-Mask items after this weeks SR is done.

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Here’s where i’m at without buying any offer, but i did save a lot to reach the milestones. Im going to grab some defense set mods too after i get michelle. Now i’m just gonna wait for the upcoming events to complete the collection.

Ive run into a few defensive heavy bleed and burn teams and i was actually surprised how quickly it added up and i barley came out with a win. Each toon was a turn away from death. Offensively as we move away from these 3 or 4 revives and shield meta the burn/bleed toons may come in hand quite nicely.

Agreed. Especially if you aren’t running a healer on attack. Even just a 200ish bleed or burn mod can do some significant damage over time to an attack team and, if you can’t heal it or cure it, potentially turn a battle in your favour

I bought one of the offers with a mask in, mainly for about 12 gold mods to be honest but i think this michelle isnt really worth spending on, especially if she will be free to obtain.

To me a red and yellow lead is a bit off and she doesnt have great stats, so im gonna wait to get her 1 mask ahead

I will use her with David Erika zek and naya. With Davie and the 4 bleed mods I ha e it will be a bleeding kill with 1800 bleed dmg if all mods work and her AR. I over use the bleeding stack lol

I haven’t found bleed particularly effective against these tank teams with 3k-4k health etc. and heal. When they had the roadmap for Shiva I got her plus pulled 2 Davies, I even ascended Knox thinking I would have this awesome bleed team. After experimenting with it in friendly duels I discovered it wasn’t really viable at this time.


Don’t have her yet, but I may try for the 8% ap bonus on her weapon when I do get her

Haven’t been enough offers to get her yet unless you VK

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I run a 3 bleed team - white Shiva, 15yr Rick & Blue Negan and I have risen about 300 places in raid ranks in about 6 weeks. That combination is just about unstoppable, even against multiple revive / shield teams. Having a lacerator is key to bleed. Especially multi-turn.

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I hadn’t realized you collected michelle as a 6*, nice!