Anyone get Diego before the final pull?

I’ve seen over 20 people get Diego and every single one of them pulled him on the final pull.
Anyone get him sooner? Or was the 0% odds correct after all?

Typical, send JB to calm the storm but you fed him lies. Its not possible to get him before the final pull.


I think the odds for stash toons are around 0.2% (at least they have been in the past).

Seems perfectly reasonable that the majority would get him on their last pull.

You know 20 people that spent 250$ for Diego… wow

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I know more. Diego is a good ass toon, i want him but im not spending that amount of money on 1 toon. i can buy a lot of video games and have that money all go to a chairty on humble bundle. $250 can get me like 5 or 10 full triple A title games and i can choose to donate that money to red cross or st judes children hospital or something


Yup last pull for me too

So you don’t think the percentage increases after pulls? So if your down to two items, one is 99.8 percent and Diego is still .2 percent?

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Don’t know if it was unusual, bit did the 99p offer on two regions (As deep as im ever going on these stashes and got GPS with the first pull on both regions. Struck me as odd but such a small sample.

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i dont think he’s worth 250 dollars since the power creep in this game is so insane. he’ll be useless by next year likely.


Not possible to get him he is 0.0% they did that to get people to buy instead of putting him in a completion bag or whatever.


Basically if they make him a completion item most people just pass on even trying. But if theres a small chance to get him for .99cents or a few bucks people will likely buy the offer and try. Nothing they do is about anything but money. Likely they used a round system (the percents actually add up past 100 even with doras boyfriend being 0) so far not 1 person has gotten him before last pull.

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0.2% of 99.8% is still an increase over .02% of 100%

Didn’t you read the message from support?

Let’s be real here. Your odds of pulling Diego isn’t gonna be 1/60 on your first try, nor 1/59 on your second and so on.

People who think it is, must be really naive, especially when we’re talking about Scopely odds.

People needs to realize the value of these characters shouldnt be more then $5. Ever.


i also got a gps

I can confirm that Diego can drop before the final pull… I got him on pull 58 this morning…

Yeah but you spent the 50 so you were getting him anyway at that point.

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