Anyone ever payed attention to purchases?


Has anyone ever looked at the sales taxes that scopely charges for coins and packages? (upload://mHz0otaDJ6EaTB2wttrXb1LqobX.png) this is the $8.99 war offer


The sales tax is not Scopely issue


Yup. Sales tax is sales tax.


All my purchases have been for the amount advertised. I’ve never seen sales tax shown and its never been on my bank statement, credit card bill, or pay pal acct. If I buy a big pack I pay $99.99 and that’s what shows on my statement from whatever payment I use. I’m not complaining about this of course but it seems odd some get charged while others don’t.


I dunno wat kind of tax it is, I just happened to look at where it says tax and clicked the little info icon and seen the total price after tax, just thought it was weird but then again I am high right now but just seemed weird seeing it there




Yep I’m in a state that doesn’t according to that graph.


im in a state that has legal weed and no tax on digital purchases.:herb::sunglasses: