Anyone ever get Negan's Violent SMG?


If so, any pix of what it looks like when upgraded into legendary status?



The upgraded look should be shown in whatever wheel you pulled it from, unless you got it from a box or something.


Why yes I have. It looks really nice in Mira’s hands.

@Jamoy_Carr Nice but mine is even nicer :grin:


Don’t matter still don’t help 6* will rush the same turn


It’s still sexier when it’s all purple. It’s okay yours is still nice too. :+1:


Lol I know can’t always get what u want in this game


Thanks guys! I got it out of a 4* weapon pull, but was not going to wait for them all to cycle through. You all rock! Iron, yours is sick!


Prefer mine, actually.


Cool but not for me. I don’t give a crap about defense. AI sucks to hard. I’m all about offense.


Of those choices, which would be better for Gov? :wink:


Love the Gov but his defense stat is pretty poor. On offense mine on defense his.

He is a green killer. Gonna pick up a second as soon as I get a chance.


i wish i had like 10 of those :frowning:
dont even have 1



What a stun gun or this one in particular? Just keep trying. Eventually, it will happen. Make sure you use the crit spots for that extra 30%. It’s wont guarantee a stun but you need to to crit to have a shot. Best of luck!


Haven’t done the extra attack yet. But still one of my favs. Has to be one of the best looking weapons :ok_hand:


Especially in Mirabelle’s hands. Zombies around Homemart are toast, lol.


Oh cool, it looks amazing in-game!