Anyone else still working on S class pete

I still have a long way to go for this guy still. Is anyone still need keys for him or am I way behind the curve now. Also heard blue keys may be going away soon too? I might have been too slow on working this guy.


Don’t let anyone s*** you nowhere near as many people have Pete as the top faction people think


I don’t have pete myself

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Got about 4,400 keys. I went for Priya first. Then Hengyen, and now Aarav

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I’m at 9k or so.

I’m slowly letting my war crates get me up there.

I almost have him. Need about 330 more keys. I am ftp and he will be my third s.

Lots of people still don’t have Pete so just ignore those that are annoyed his keys are still in rewards.

It’s a game for all - right? :wink:


I still need 2200 blue keys :worried:

I just got him today after the SR event. I’d suggest going for this collection. That’s what helped me get him.

I was happy I was finally able to use them stupid red velvet cakes lol

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I have him. He was the first S class I went after. Took awhile but I finally got em awhile ago.

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I went for Priya first so I don’t have him yet either.

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I only have 2700 keys so I have way longer to go I went with priya first also then raultio and laopo

I’m ftp and have both Pete & priya… Its just a grind!! Ur doing great !!! I’m onto Aarav now and I should have him soon. See not all bad for us that don’t spend :slight_smile:


Never got him he’s a waste of space no point in it

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You heard blue keys will be going? Is this from the same crowd who say everyone has him? Stop listening to these people. Just because they have him and don’t want any more blue keys… also, use your eyes. Is he in every defence team you meet? No, he is not. smh

Most of my faction went for priya first and there’s no way casual players have more than one s class.

So no, most people don’t have Pete.


I only have about 4k keys myself. I took Laopo first then Henygen. Need 2k more cards for S class Aarav. Laopo is not S class yet still need the 6k cakes for him. No not everyone has Pete. Only about 3 in my faction have him. The Top factions the majority of them have him cause all the events have been geared towards them. Every event gives the top the most and every one not them scraps. Don’t believe those that say everyone has him it’s just them talking out their ass cause they want the collection items for the newer S class they dont have.


Yep :+1:t2:

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Haven’t tried to go for Pete went for laopo instead

I only have 1433 keys lol i went for laopo first, then got my 2 hengyen, then got a secretary guo… I lucked out and got a 5* Pete from the wheel so I’m good with that… I only have the 2 free sclass until i get 2nd hengyen ascended and maxed

I don’t have him yet would happily trade my 6000 blue keys for 2000 of another collectable.