Anyone else still haven't claimed Christa or James? Think I'm ready to pull the trigger! Are you?

I’ve generally been holding off on claiming one of these kids until I’d have a decent use for one of em other than as a bench warmer.

I think Christa seemed way better early on, when S-class was new, 10k+ attack seemed like insanity, and James with 4k attack wasn’t quite so game changing. At that time, however, I had basically zero other decent red toons to pair with her. IIRC I didn’t even have a non-trash red lead. My attack and D teams were both mostly green (my first 6* in this game just happened to be Diego from his original war wheel – good luck eh?). But despite James being green, I could never quite sitting anyone else on my team down for him, since everyone else had some control, etc., that made them useful beyond just dealing high damage.

Fast forward a bit to when people have pretty strong Tier 3 Jameses and Christas. Christa weirdly hadn’t seemed to have gotten much scarier since being Tier 1. And even with S Pete and Kapoor now, it still didn’t feel like I could put together a very intimidating red team, regardless. James, on the other hand, without being totally stacked with S-Class, I realized that with his stop sign’s crit special, if you don’t disarm/stun him ASAP, he can be an absolute GOON. 7k-8k attack that crits to hit 4 toons is essentially like a 30k damage regular attack. And once he gets kills, or if he gets an AR off, with his elusiveness, he can be an absolute bitch to finish off when you can’t get any AP.

Still, at that point, I’d gotten S Priya, Laopo (then working towards S), etc… And the fact that he still doesn’t offer any control, I just couldn’t see him replacing anyone on my attack team. Priya already feels enough like that, tbh. I certainly don’t have a God-squad formed from thousands of dollars, but I’ve always felt very good about my attack teams’ abilities to kill just about any high level D teams through careful control mixed with a couple huge damage dealers (e.g., Diego rush -> S Priya rush). So I still didn’t see any need to pull the trigger either way on James/Christa, keeping my options open down the line in case I had a use for the opposite toon one day.

Well, now we’re at the point where people either have Tier 4, or are just about to have their Tier 4 James/Christas. Despite not having James or Christa, I’ve still been diligent collecting gold bars, and could max him or her fairly quickly through back-to-back YGLs and some trainers. So now that we are finally witnessing these toons at or near their peaks, how do they stack up, at this moment as well as seeming that he or she might provide value for some time going forward?

I do note the caveat that in my corner of this game, which I think is a great corner on the Berkeley region, there are not a ton of teams to test out. Wars are generally the only time that I encounter teams that make me stop and think a bit, other than a select few on the region (aside from my faction-mates, anyways).

From that perspective, in my recent observations, Christa still barely even affects my gameplan when I see her on defense. I HAVE, however, noticed that Christa teams seem to be more easily hacking down my mostly green D team. Her Waste Not AR is probably killing half my team in 1 shot, through shield William. However, I have never quite been fortunate enough (or inspired to spend) to acquire the elite 6* reds, such as Mia and Zach. Thus, even if Christa does certainly offer some value proposition to many, if not most, red attack teams, I just don’t have the toons to make a good one. My best red team attack team would probably be S Priya, Kapoor, Christa, Zander, and BlueChonne. Not awful, but Kapoor is a tub of crap good-for-nothing. And while that team would have some punch, it seems extremely fragile, poor at control, and ultimately just not better than my Diego-lead team in any situation that I can imagine.

Then, James. Finally, massive attack power James. And he’s so much more durable than Christa. Whereas I can slip up and let Christa get off an AR, she might kill 1-2 guys on my team, I can revive one right afterwards and still pull out the win in many if not most cases.

James, on the other hand, if I make the mistake of allowing him to hit his AR, (unless his owner has him geared purely D/HP with <5000 attack), I know it’s likely over before he even gets off his first swing. That second swing most likely killed half my team, and the rest are hanging on by a thread. Even before being ready to AR, or even if I can get an impair on him, his stop sign crit special in combination with Collateral 2 inspires fear. Amongst a team with an AR-down, stun, or wtv weapon-wielding human shield, an S-class Priya that I want to disarm so I don’t get dazed, there are now more weapons that have the potential to instantly end the fight than I am able to disarm with 1 disarm toon.

Sure, I have stuns and my other 4 toons to counter it, but the fact is, James simply being left alone with 9k attack and Collateral 2 and his Stop Sign can seriously output some damage. And if I hit a string of bad luck with no procs, my 90% success disarming BlueChonne fails to disarm 2 or 3 times in a row, no stuns from my green stun sticks, etc… With the cover of other dangerous toons, James has the power to end a fight if you aren’t able to get some effects on him to slow him down. I don’t think you can say the same of Christa in most cases.

So, here we are. I still haven’t quite pulled the trigger; it definitely gives me a little anxiety to close the door on the possibility of Christa. But as my teams continue to improve, it continues to become harder to see how Christa will ever be much of a game changer. At the worst, I think there will be roughly equivalent alternatives available, if you want to put that Red huge nuking attack team together. James? Well, honestly, I’m STILL not sure that I would want to use him on my default attack team. Even at tier 4, 30 Vet rings. Maybe it’s only because I haven’t used him yet, but when attacking blind, huge damage can be shut down by guardian shields and different stuff, whereas toons that can prevent some ARs until Laopo ARs to shut down the entire enemy team, well, that seems like the more versatile and generally solid plan, in my own mind. But I do see times when I’d prefer the monstrous damage of James, such as the first couple attacks in arenas, to try to maybe get a Turn 2 win.

BUT, I can finally see the tremendous use – James’s ability on defense. He’s hard to kill, elusive actually isn’t the worst thing ever, and has game-breaking damage capabilities. It might not be the rip your hair out in exasperation that the best teams I have ever witnessed could do (such as the pinnacle of Mia Zach teams maybe?), but this potential I think rivals any other premium S-Class in the game right now. Right up there with Aarav’s AR I’d say.

So, I think it’s about time.

Anyone else held out this long, too? (Or, more realistically, been as indecisive this long, too?)

Do you guys agree with my assessment, with regards to a maxed out Tier 4 James/Christa?

Would love to hear others’ thoughts on this!

P.S., I think it’s kinda cool Scopely did this. One of the only legitimate, long-lasting decisions I’ve seen a modern game put on players. Reminds me of the older days of video games.

and the TL;DR: I still haven’t picked James or Christa, but could max them to Tier 4 right now. I think max James seems more dynamic and powerful than max Christa, for my team, and probably the majority of players. So I think I’m going to pull the trigger on James and gear him up to join my primary D team. I would love your input!
If you honestly, truly could switch your pick now, would you?



is my Answer


never any amount of regrets… “what if’s”?

Anyone have the CliffsNotes version of this thread? I’m too lazy to read all of that.


The cliff’s notes are literally bolded at the bottom lol. “TL;DR” = “Too long; didn’t read” = short version


Ok, then I think you’re wrong in your thinking. The last thing you wanna do is use James on defense with such a red meta. Maybe someday he’ll be good on a team other than attack but not anytime soon.


Very rarely does James ever give me a problem on defense. I have Christa btw. I’m sure he’s a great attack toon. But like someone said, we’re currently in the need meta. So.

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One thing u didn’t consider, red do more damage to green not the other away around that means James may not do much to Christa or other s-class. the damage u saw Jame’s doing was to 6*

Crista will only dominate James on defense more when the weapons she has available are increased to +50% attack or higher.

Literally anyone has Christa will kill James easily with one rush

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I went James, wished I’d gone Christa

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Picked James, no regrets.

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It is less about the characters and how you can use them with other characters atm. They are both good individually.

Christa has much better S Class pairing with other released S Class characters. Melee has no attack lead within S Class and also no Daze weapon like ranged has.

Also majority of defs have Pete now and Priya is a direct counter, so unless you have Diego Christa would be the better choice.


At the end of the day one has trait advantage over the other.

James will do a lot more with the wepon upgrades a whole lot more

Christa >>>

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#James Gang all day


To who? Yellow? This this s-class meta most player base will be running either blue or red which James colleteral barely touch them

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James has a stop sign therefore any argument for Christa is invalid


Christa has the most impact straight out, the follow up with the slow. We are in a ranged (red) meta atm and because it takes so long for new s class characters to upgrade we will be in the meta for quite some time. That automatically places James at a disadvantage.

James has potential with the new armoury and when new melee leaders come out, but he could easily be overshadowed as most initial characters are by the degeneration of time.

Go with what you need now.