Anyone else need more world cans for the michonne maps?

I know it can’t just be me that is burning so many cans trying to complete as many michonne maps as possible. My max energy at the moment is 91 so I have to use cans to complete them and I’m not getting any dropping anywhere. I already bought up my supply depot but I’m down to two now. Is there an easier way to time completing the maps? And if not couldn’t we get some refills added as drops on the maps or in raids or something?

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This is their plan lol rid people of their world cans so you have to spend coins for more … that’s what the hold up on the other map is a about . What a sick company lol

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It’s really bugging me Cos I’m not willing to spend money in this game as it is, never mind just to get energy to complete maps that if I’m lucky enough will get me a 6* dual specialist, not even an s class. Surely scopely can just give us one relatively possible event?

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You literally can do this without using cans and get Michonne in 12 days :man_shrugging: use cans only to finish faster and get more items.

How? With the time limit on the maps I don’t want to waste balloons unlocking the second map when I don’t have enough energy to finish it on time. Not to mention there are the s class maps burning up spare energy to keep up with too

Note tho this depends if you are level 150 as you will need to have 92 energy at least

As I said, I’m at 91 energy

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1st map cost 27 energy
2nd map cost 92 energy
1st map can be done every 8 hours
2nd map can be done every 2 hours
Can do the 1st map every 8 hours and do the 2nd roadmap once every 8 hours, plus with the ballons scopely gave us, it gives more slack.

Do the 1st map when it appears, let energy recharge and do the map A, B or C ome time each when they appear. Do 6 maps a day and you will get Michonme in 12 days.

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Seems just letting us earn some cans would be a better idea, especially for lower level players, it’s not like it would be a big deal


I feel ya I’m down to like 3

Lol, I knew I wasn’t the only one :joy:

Been asking for world refills back in the shop for at least 2 months now. Guess I should have expected the spit in the face by them finally doing so, but at 1000 coins… can’t even say how irrate that made me


3rd place in every war gives out a world can.

Earning something means free and scopely considers anything even a free burt as a profit loss, they can make an unlimited amount of anything, burts, cans, coins, etc. But they see things at a limited amount that they cant make more and see it as money lost even tho everything in RTS has no real world value.


But only one person can get 3rd place each battle. And even if you managed 3rd every time, it still probably wouldn’t be enough

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