Anyone else like this Survivor Club besides me?

Good points
-1 pull a day 30x250 coins=7500 Screams deal to me
-1 6*(per month I hope) to paying folk ok so you can gather some buddies and compete.
Now I may actually tell people about the game
-Special gear to upgrade them in Beta this was just 1 thing to upgrade Andrea. Gear is hard to get right now so I look at this as a good thing.(just make it the same gear every month so people can catch up) killing two birds with one stone. Get the gear and 6*Great

-Other tiny nick nacks +100 Roster space and less materials for crafting

x one thing is missing tho we need those special AR trainers.

-You are saving lots of money about 40%+ off a 40 pull for me

Great idea Thanks for the effort guys at Scopely who made this and players who pushed for something better. Things look brighter.


I also like it, especially the free pull per day will sooner or later extend my collections with seriously
ultra rare characters.

But a thing they defenitly need to do is to add more Special characters to it and not Andrea for all


Yeah I agree. We all know how frequently the update the 30 day pass ** not***


Wtf is wrong with you


Is there any indication we are actually getting a special toon per month?

What has Scopely ever done to make you think they don’t want to take the moderate spenders money? No one is stopping you from being a whale and this won’t take away your advantage. 1 pull a day with Scopely’s metrics will hardly catch anyone up to a big spender.


I’ll join as soon as they offer a disarm toon, won’t have one any otherbway

How is it not fair? It’s an entirely different toon. Are you also complaining about that revive everyone’s gonna get in December?

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Don’t feed the falafel.


How many emails does this falafel have? Also, how many threads have been derailed by him? lol


Go outside.

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In beta I pulled nothing but 4 stars in 2 regions during its run. Enjoy them.

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Thats not how it works

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Over time it does

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You mentioned everything except the price lol

I imagine they will release a special character every couple of months. They want it to be an ongoing thing for us so they’ll keep adding

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I also guess and hope they do that. Otherwise many people will quit it after Andrea.

Yup. They realize that

Even if I will problably quit it after Andrea. Except the character is a Allen, a Sawyer
or someone else I really like :joy:

I dont care for this new SC much, it kinda a rip-off if you think about it.

  1. Not so free shield. - if you think the gear will come quick, you may want to prepare yourself for disappointment now. It WILL be locked behind a paywall. *also not really that great of a shield.
  2. Crafting without farmable/craftable parts - still need DT and PK, so not really worth much here.
  3. Unlimited team cost - really only needed by new players
  4. 2X food and wood - again farmable stuff
  5. Cap increase - I can see where this may come in handy, but still nothing special
  6. Free premier daily pull - this may be the only part of this club that is remotely worth it because they stack. But we all know how pulling goes, very few will pull something good, and most will, yeah, enjoy those 4s and non-ascendable 5s.

This is just my personal outlook on the whole thing, if you think it’s worth it, then buy it.
I’m am by no means F2P or a whale, but for me it doesn’t excite.
$10 a month, maybe. But $25, just no.