Anyone else having this problem with battle pass rewards?

So on the new battle pass objectives it says tier up a strong 4* or better character 2 times. I tiered up strong 4* Tyrese from T3 to T4, and strong 4* Dusty from T1 to T2, and nothing. Anyone else having this problem?

Yeah apparently you need to ring a green toon twice…

Might not work on 4*… I upped my Laopo from T2 to T3 and got it recognized.

Wouldn’t really waste resources on 4* unless I had them maxed at a tier level from ages ago…

Yeah, promotion with rings usually works, but remember to use one ring at a time. If you use two or more at once, it counts as just one upgrade.

Wouldn’t waste rings on a 6* I’m not using tho… (either an S-class or a really solid toon still usable in arenas or onslaught). For toons usable in SR, you can use one ring as a “bookmark” to have them sorted first, but there I’d draw the line…


I did one 4 star and 1 5 star from tier 1 to tier 2, went to collect the mission but it showed only 1 of 2 completed. So I did another 5 star and it worked. So it seems 4*s aren’t counting.

Even though it specifically says 4 star or higher :roll_eyes:

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I get so many vet rings I sell some to show off how rich I am

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The more you sell the higher your status

Yea it specifically says 4* or higher. I save some for stars specifically for that mission because it takes the least amount of resources to tier them up

It worked on a green 5* for me

same here not working on 4*, with video

Vet rings on 5 star an above green (I used on 6*)

Pve is working for world cans… doesn’t work for SR cans or raid cans

Can’t use rings on Epic (5*) only Legendary/S-class

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