Anyone else having this Mercer issue?

I fought Mercer led teams multiple times in the last war, a few times in region raids and 5 times in friendly raids. Altogether 20+ times. Whilst this is not a huge sample size, Mathematically the following is extremely unlikely.
All of my attacking toons have stun resist mods around the 60% bracket, yet everytime I face him I have a minimum of 3, regularly 4, of my team stunned from the start. This happening a few times on the trot is pretty unlikely, but to happen 20+/20+ times is statistically so extremely unlikely, to the extent that I can only conclude there must be some bug that means his lead skill is making the stun resist mods weaker.
Is anybody else with full-team stun resist mods encountering this?

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Negative, git. Gud.

Oh I’m finding ways to win a fair few of these but it of course massively reduces my win rate. So I’m ‘gitting’ pretty ‘gud’ at it :wink:

Get me actual data and I’ll run statistical analysis on it.

Document 20 attempts, every stun resist mod, and who’s stunned.


K cheers LadyGeek, I’ll try it through friendlies

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I know his weapon has a great chance.
Perhaps his lead is great also which is better than better.

Lead is 100% chance to proc (can be resisted though). I don’t think he’s stunning with his weapon, this is before any weapon hits - please correct me if I misunderstood. @CLIFTON87

Fought him plenty in friendlys with my own mercer. Seems fine to me sometimes you win sometimes lose.

Yeah I’m talking about the stun at start.
Edit: don’t want to give away the team will PM

It was terrible sorry if I had to attack with that

I was just going to comment on some of the nice stuff you have there @CLIFTON87

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Faced Mercer teams lots of times in CRW and duels can probably say at least 1 is stunned every time which a lot of times happened to be the lowest stun resist mod (61.5%) i had a few (like 3 fights) were no one was stunned and the same were everyone got stunned

No offense but if you’re losing that much then no one wants that team :rofl:


Haha, it’s all about the LUs. When I’ve spent, I’ve spent on trainers - the most effective way of getting collectables, and then that opens the door to the red velevet collectables when they appear in the museum. Aside from Onslaught, better by far than any other option Scopely have put out there.

1 problem with Mercer is allowing him on a defence team in arenas especially the ones where mods arent allowed


I tried different toons and teams, and it seems the average number of stuns is around 2. Maybe 10% chance of 3 stuns. Havent had more than 3 stuns so far altho admittedly ive only tried looking at a few matches.

Maybe ur in a worse bucket stun-wise, or ur mods need to get good. Stun resists should be at least 60% and above.

Weird thing is that princess seems to get stunned more often than others

Agree I wont use him for my def in those arenas it is beyond cheap.



My stun resists are 61.5, 61, 61, 58.5 and 52.5. They should be good enough to usually have 2 stunned on average. Thanks for the feedback though.
I did 5 friendly raids and sent the screenshots to LG. First 3 matches were 3-4-3 but then for the first time since he’s come out, I managed to get only 1 stunned then 2, for raids 4 and 5. I decided to stop after that and will collect again if I end up with another silly streak of 3+ stunned.

Small sample sizes mean very little.