Anyone else having issues with game crashing after stage 4 of Ultra Rare Gear map

I’ve tried 4 times now and it crashes each time.

I’ve hit territories a couple times and no crashes (amazingly enough)

I’ve done some world stages, raiding, friendly duels as well without any crashes.

I DID get a popup that Onslaught was over, though (wtf??). LoL

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Yep stage four done about seven times now finish map and it crashes. Also getting the onslaught pop up!!

Same problem but please report to in game support

They gonna tell you to clear cache.

Why so I can get a stupid automated response.

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Same problem but please report to in game support

Exact same problem here.

Can confirm that this happens, message support till they finally respond.

Thanks, just reported it. Will probably get lost with my other issues. I pull a YGL 45 minutes after the start of the most recent level tourney, but didnt get the points for it.

Mine is happening on stage 7. Annoying.

Stage 4 here. Dont have any faith in support - i’ll just wait and hope the issue resolves by itself.

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