Anyone else have the Ultimate Gear map? Keeps crashing on me when I try to open

But no one else in my region even has it…

Screenshot_20190118-001607_Walking%20Dead yeah it’s borked

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Yep, I have that in one region and XP in another. Both crash the game, though.

Same here. Others in my faction say they don’t have it. If they do, same deal. It’s crashing the game.

Ultra rare gear map isn’t supposed to be live on Thursdays if my memory is correct, so that’s the issue.


Same for me except with boot camp.

@JB.Scopely still can’t go a full week without a screw up eh? Whatever your team is doing, tell them they are doing a better job than 2018 with even less QC :wink:

Are you telling me you’re not a fan of sub dungeon 163?


A full week @fartyourself ??? Cant even go 1 day without some sort of glitch or error of some sort.

Thursday thru Friday is glove and shirt day lol good old scopes

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