Anyone else have missing info?!

Where haz the age and profession of my characters gone? I would never have used negan if I didn’t know he was a gym coach. This is important information the community needs to know!!!

It gone since 6* was first introduced :confused:

That disappeared over a year ago. Mostly because every new characters age and occupation was just listed as “unknown”, so it became pointless to have.

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True. Which shows how stupid most of this New Characters are.

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Are u serious lol


Useless???if I about u but I don’t want a teacher by my side when mowing down some walkers or others!

Wasn’t Negan listed as kindergarten teacher? I’m pretty sure since I remember thinking “poor kids”.

He was a gym teacher. Big difference…

It’s fun to read. It’s not very useless. I would like them to bring it back because you can compare what they used to be to what they are now.

Right. Still Favorites:

Shoe Salesman

Mid 30’s


Mid 30’s Dog Grommer

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I liked that Ezekiel was a zoo keeper or something (something to do with animals) and then had a tiger as a pet.

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Age: Early 30’s
Occupation: [CENSORED]

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