Anyone else has been getting a TLS 29312 error pop up occurring all the time today?

Does anyone know of solutions to this issue? Occurs on wifi and data, but other apps work well. 194321618bb5da6fd4fdbb427bf2452944b3b0a0_2_690x388

Yes, I did use the search feature without finding helpful advice. :wink:

Well there’s potentially helpful advice here: TLS 29312 error

I’m guessing you don’t have parental controls set, though. If you’ve recently installed a new app on your phone, consider removing it and seeing if that fixes it - maybe there’s some sort of conflict with a new app.

Need you to open a ticket with in game support (Yes, I know they probably won’t have a good solution, but the information that’s collected when you open the ticket is necessary to get a dev to look at it). If you can’t get into the game at all, open the ticket from their website:

Then, if you come back here and provide in fame name/faction/region/level, I’ll see if I can get someone to escalate this.


It went back to normal a couple minutes ago. All is working fine again. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Probably just skopelie’s skull tokens revenge. :grin:

How did you get it to go back?

I still get the problem intermittently.

New phone, same network and same error.

I didn’t change any setting, it just went back to normal by itself. No clue. But have to say that this error message pops up frequently. When it popped up in the past then I could still play but with connection issues during raids or farming through maps. This time I couldn’t access the game. I suppose this issue is connected with their servers and our providers.

I think it’s a phone network based thing for sure. I get it in different parts of London, more often at work than at home. Only on 4G. Definitely a network issue, but never really experience problems with any other app, so it’s definitely a game issue too.

If only Scopley had assigned this error some sort of unique identifier which enable them to quickly and easy identify the issue…

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Exactly. They should be able to figure out this problem though it won’t bring in any moola, so it will stay as it is like soooo many game issues.

They don’t have control over the entire Internet, though. They’ll never be able to completely eliminate this error, as it’s an error with your device connecting to one of their servers. If other people are able to connect to the same server without this error, then it’s very likely to be either your device or one of the network hops in between your device and their server. Yes, some apps can handle minor network congestion better, but that often requires more local processing, which opens up more exploits.

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Kk. If you want you can close this tread. :+1:t2:

I have dealt with it for over a year. A few work arounds I have found are: turning off WiFi from settings (if u r on iOS, as turning off from control centre isn’t the same thing) helps to reduce the occurrence from every 20 sec to one or twice in an hour. Also occurs a lot when the phone is on charger and is heated.

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Yeah, I’ve definitely noticed a correlation between having WiFi on and having it off, even when the connection is via 4G.

@Ladygeek - my point wasn’t so much that Scopley should pay attention to a very specific bug that only affects a handful, it was that they’ve got a damn error code for it, so why can’t they at least share what that means. It might be that my network is a turd (well they are, but Kevin Bacon is so adorable in the adverts) but it would be nice to know if there is something that can be done.


The error code is a handshake connection error code, likely “SSL - The connection indicated an EOF”. It’s not very helpful in terms of determining what else can be done.

I often get a ‘Socket 110’ error. It means no internet I’ve figured out. Issue is, when I get this on my work wifi or 4G (works a dream on home wifi), everything else is working absolutely fine. It isn’t always happening but when it does, it takes ages to sort itself out.
When I have my VPN enabled, I don’t get this issue. Maybe Scopely’s servers just have serious issues connecting with Chinese IP addresses.

I’ve had to deal with this issue for over 6 months now. Started just before Christmas and hasn’t been resolved. Written tickets, sent screenshots and everything else but no joy. I guess I’m lucky it works with no issues on WiFi, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to continue playing at all.
Would be nice to get a fix for the issue… so I can play my mobile game whilst mobile :wink: lol

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