Anyone else had this


Ok so I go to t4 and 6* toon however when I go to do it I realise that it says I have 0 sports gloves.
Well that’s strange as I had 6, and I know this cause after faction assault I bought some from the depot to make it up to 6.
I know I haven’t used them for anyone as I was saving them for a specific toon (which I needed bloody topographical maps for)
I know I wouldn’t have sold them for supply tokens so can’t work out where they have gone.
Just in case anyone asks I haven’t t4 any toon for ages either.

Has anyone else had gear go randomly missing and is it worth reporting to the powers that be?


Actually I may have found my issue do you need them for tier 3 as well cause if that’s the case then mystery solved


Yes you need gloves for t3 lol


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