Anyone else got ascendables just sitting there?

Today I had pulled a ajax from 5 star recruits, Got My 2nd raulito from faction rewards.

So here’s my ascendables
Abel,Maggie (command), Jiafeng, Alice, Siddiq (Command), Marlon and rosie, Bruce (Wanted to run a double confuse alert n strong.) Zeke shiva force,Ryker,
So many damn ascendables.
Tbh yall ever got those group of 6* you got. But you never use in raids just only in territories?

Like my day ones (Back before s class was even a thought and back when I use to auto raids like a idiot) 6* (Gator,Negan, Dante,Kal Charlie) I barely use them. Because the meta mainly ranged toons. (Please get on me as Idk what meta means) Is ranged. I barely see s class melees. (I have yet to see a s class melee or a s class recruit. I haven’t seen Aarav, henguyen, daiyu, and others) Only s class melee I see is James.

As with that. Marlon N rosie, Zeke, Alice are T4
Siddiq, Ryker, Bruce are t3.
Jiafeng is t2
Ajax, Maggie, Raulito, Abel are t1. So many damn toons. I like getting ascendables but I just wish there was more benedict or 5 star fodder. I got 6 five stars sitting untouched for a ascension. Im either gonna focus on Raulito, Ajax, Jiafeng. Mainly raulito so I can get that bleed.
Dream team rn.
Pete, raulito s class. Ajax, Jiafeng, Christa.

Some of these toons I’ll level to t4 80 so I can just have them maxed and ready. Or some may just stay 5*

Maybe have 20-30
maybe 10 as t4 lvl 80

My top toons who’ll mostly be ascended are ranged.

From raulito, Jiafeng, Ajax.
Deadass. (Oh my wifi be out but’ll be back tho.)

Also Why do everyone use ranged? I got melee toons who were my day ones I barely use em.

I lowkey want to get raven incase she’s in the cakes again. (I got both raulito’s and I need 4740 bullets for the s class.) Raulito is t1 still While my other one is maxed at level 1 vet.)
Most 6* I dont use are mainly due to not being useful…

Sitting on around 20 to 30 same as raz lol

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Certain toons may or may not be ascended as some may stay ascendables for old school arenas.

Lucas, Green Abe, Green Eugene, Wanderer, Aaron, both Yellow Ricks, Dev, Sawyer, Blue Lee, and quite recently Blue leader Maggie, Jiafeng, Hengyen, and Zander.

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30 dupes, 9 I want to ascend that are ready, and 6 that I want to ascend but are not yet maxed. Have enough silver medals for ten and gold medals for twenty, mostly waiting either on fodder to be used up, or on getting fodder that I don’t want to level for points first.

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Just counted, I didn’t realize I had 83 not ascended riding the pine.
But with no gear what else can be done with them?


I got green abe, Zander ascended but abe is in the list of 6* stars you get to lvl 70 to 89 but dont finish leveling (Basically you only use them for leveling or killing zombies)

For me it’s mainly trainers, 2* wrinkled shirts n gloves.

Deadass I wish I didn’t go ham with them benedicts. I use the last of em during septemeber.

Ever since I moved to dillon with my faction (They had said I gotta rejoin when we transer again rn with z fortress) We get 2nd place rewards but no leveling trainers. All lilith and ulysses. Deadass I want another f2p trainer event.

All my ascendables, only 4-5 I see myself ascending in the next 3 months or so. The rest will most likely just sit there

Not sure of the exact amount, but it’s a lot. With no gear, they sit and wait.


I have a lot.

Blue Lee (maxed)
Blue Kenny (Maxed)
Duane (Maxed)
Red Romanov (Maxed)
2 Green Princess (1/2 Maxed)
3 Zhu (1 T3, 2 T1)

Mr Jones (Maxed)
Mirabelle (Maxed)
Blue Princess (Maxed)
Ajax (Maxed)
Ryker (T1)
Bruce Allen Cooper (T1)
Frost (T4)
Tara (T3)
Jiafeng (T4)
Abel (T3)
Zander (T1)
Slater (T1)
Aarav (1/2, other is 6* already)
Elena (T1)

btw OP

Shit loads

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Yes :frowning:

That’s not “many”. Lol
I’ve got more then 40 of them.

I have 104 ascendable 5* toons in my roster.
73 different ascendable 5* toons.

Fewer than 10 I’ll actually ascend.


In gaming terms:
Most Efficient Technique Available.


Abe has helped me to finish those SR zombie levels for quite some time. That crit lead is invaluable. Otherwise, he’s sitting on the bench getting dusty.

I don’t feel quite as bad any more. I have dozens, but I’m not up to 104…at least I don’t think so. I really don’t want to depress myself by actually counting them.