Anyone else getting tired of defense teams?

Is anyone else getting really tired of these OP meta defense teams or is it just me?

I’ve been getting really frustrated this war especially with these meta OP defense teams that everyone all of a sudden seems to have. *Insert the random combination of… Negan, Doc Stevens, Raven, Mia, Zac, Wayland etc etc etc"

90% of this game is attacking based right? We as the player spend most of our time in this game attacking of some sort, creating attack oriented teams either for raids, wars, roadmaps etc etc. However every single defense team that we’re coming across these days, the defensive characters that are everywhere, are seemingly more powerful then our offensive teams.

I’m leaving out the super whales who have 4 zac’s on their offensive team here, I’m more interested in hearing from the average to above average player base here. I’m trying to put together some different combinations of really heavy hitters, a little bit of control toons, maybe a healer, a shield of course. And the very defensive characters that we go up against are just blowing up and destroying these offensive teams.

How is this any fun at the moment? Like I said we spend all of time attacking in this game, never physically defending, and attacking has become so frustrating. All of these defensive toons are just loaded with Confuse, Stun, Impair, Taunt for multiple turns, not to mention active skills with the same shit on top of that to add to it, my characters spend most of the raid controlled by the other team. Tone it down FFS or start limiting types of characters to defense teams, it’s getting really old.


I beat most of them easy.


Ya definitely there’s no variety to defenses anymore, it’s boring to face the same toons over and over

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Payback just sucks not being able to use AR was a Terrible decision by Scopes Imo


With how resilient they are, it’s like every character is reinforced with concrete.

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Defense toons that kills you for attacking them lol whats next a payback/bide human shield ?
If there isnt a counter to these toons whats the point of trying


Was absolutely disgusting to face teams with 3 Zacs hitting over 5k HP stats and crafted weapons with stun. I only have fun raiding players from my region since almost of us have equal forces, CRW sucks.

Yeah it got quite ridiculous when you see Endgame‘s teams such as 2 Elle, 2 Negan + S-class Pete as an example. Seems every person in such factions are always lucky to pull every new promo twice or waste thousands of €$£¥.

game was dead long ago in 5* era with introduction of 5* priya by scopley

You’re playing the wrong game if you’re expecting something different than that , I see more interesting teams at the middle of the road tier than i do at the top. Nature of the beast yo

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