Anyone else feel like this?


Anyone else underwhelmed by season 1 leagues ending?

Im not usually one to jump on the band wagon but after all the hype surrounding leagues and fuss about it and the time it’s taken… tbf i feel a bit cheated.

Yeah we got a knife with impair (which started out bugged) yeah we got a case of trainers (altho most only use the 6* ones)

And let’s not forget the pretty little badge…

Scopely if you read this, show some faith and actually give something decent for time, resources and maybe placement.

On a completely unrelated note…
The new wheels suck. Bring back the x2 chances for promos.


Underwhelming is Scopely’s M.O… It’s their go-to move.



Unpopular opinion: i didnt expect anything special for the end of season 1 because the weekly coins and tokens is what the season is about


Bait… & Switch


Nope got Zeke and Kelly and Priya so 3 characters is great for me and some gear and mods.Takes lots of effort to be good at this game.


The journey is what matters, not the ending.


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