Anyone else feel like the epic tokens are insanely useless now?


Yeah yeah i know six stars are the game now.
However to those who have 1 or no six stars, fivers are everything.
Except for one problem now.
The amount of absolute useless ones that have been thrown in.
The ones I can think of off the top of my head:
Red Lee, Governor, Skylar.
They are absolute duds, and will likely remain so as I doubt they’ll be ascendable for a long time.


I think they put the duds in because people are holding “too many” 5*s. People are more likely to give up bad toons for ascendance


True but if you’re in a lower faction and have to save up epics tokens forever, a skylar really disheartens you.





Archer - this baby knows what im talking about


okay that made me laugh my ass off.


Blue gov is useful taking towers tho , not sure if you tried that but I can’t disagree about that bs they did adding a lot of useless toons in that 5* wheel