Anyone else disappointed with new 6* Kelly?


Got “lucky” by pulling Kelly with a single Premier Recruit pull last night. However after using him for a bit, I’m not all that impressed. His AR is pure garbage, with a default of 150% damage to 2 characters. Maxed out, it’s only 200% damage to 2 characters.

His only positive that I can find so far is Command, which IMO is pretty worthless when raiding, but may come in handy on defense teams.

What does everyone else think of him?


Command is the best thing to happen to the game, in my opinion. Added a whole new depth to it, and broke the hold that Lee-Andrea teams had

Nearly all my attacking teams have commands. No commander is ever worthless.

That being said…not sure I’d use Kelly over Glenn or Sid. I’d play with the AP from that rush and see if you can make a team that takes advantage of it, if I had him


He’s a mediocre, pay to play version of the god Glenn lolol


He has a 76 AR which is sort of high so I would recommend a 2nd command so that he can get commanded to then give 2 other teammates 30% AP so that they can on that same turn use their ARs. Unless your team consists of 66 ARs I would recommend a 2nd command like Glenn.

But Command imo is underrated and is very strong and adds an immense amount of pressure in offense and defense.


Anyone I mention a team to will always have a command when it comes to offense. Defense at this day and time needs command to add the unpredictability in teams until we get back to having turn 2 popping defense teams again(like asap scopely). Far as Kelly he is meh not bad not great either best you can do with having him is to have both Glenn and Kelly behind a carl team all able to hold a stun on attack weapon and with huge ap when attacking one of them will command the other to go off which either way it happens is a benefit to your defense.


I’m still accumulating my 6* toons, so I don’t have many options. I currently have 6* Wyatt and Vincent, which are F2P, and now Kelly. I have Aris at 5*, level 73, so she will be my next 6* tonight. Other than that, I have that F2P 5* Ascendable Maggie as well. So yeah, not the greatest lineup, but it’s a lineup that will be OK for most Wars in my region, as the majority of teams are S3 or below. We’ll see I guess.


Its not a bad line up considering that each of those toons u mentioned are pure defense toons anyway. Just make all of them have Tanky weapons with huge ap when attacking and you are good to go imho.


I agree with @TwoDogg last comment. Remember in wars it isn’t always about a perfect defense. If you can make your opponent say as an example take 4 minutes to beat your team, that is 100% a success. In War you can win by losing by delaying the enemy from beating your team while you beat theirs faster.


That makes sense. I’m using Vincent as my leader with that team, for the 40% HP bonus. Wish I had Carl and his 40% HP and 40% defense though. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.


Give it a bit more time and I bet you will get Carl. There are so many out there is seems only a matter of time before a huge majority of us have him in our roster. I also do not have him :stuck_out_tongue: so it sort of forced my hand into a ranged team.


Kelly is one of the best toons possible for changing the meta of your play style. If you complain only about his damage, then well…Pokemon is an option.
The found the only obvious positive think. Grats to this.
2nd) is his Active skill. But you need this at level 7. This allows for round 2 rushes of almost any other toon.
3rd) is his AP gaining AR, very unique
4th) is his controlling factor of his AR

He is unique, and very very powerful. But maybe you are not ready yet… :wink:


I’ll trade him to ya for a 6* Carl :wink:


He’s decent and he’s command however I think he may have been better of with a different specialist skill I think if he had neut he’d be a far superior support toon like the rush is nice Kelly can distract 2 enimies for one turn and give 2 teammates a decent amount of ap but because he’d command the rush is unlikely to go off
Also what you mean command is shit on atk bruh a rush earlier is always a good thing trust me I know he’s premium is jerimiah but you seen what happens when you command him well I can tell you that’s game over for the enimie command comes in handy when you need a rush a slight bit earlier :slight_smile:



I saw someone in my region spent 400 to get Dante this weekend, so don’t feel bad.


He would be great if Glenn wasn’t around.

Scopely shot themselves on the foot by releasing him after Glenn. I bet it won’t be too long before he’s up for grabs on a nugget event or something in a couple of months.

With that said, he earns a lot of points by being a command. Extremely useful on attack. As far as his rush goes, he’s meant an AP drainer, what I mean by that is that he’s going to taunt 2 people and with an AP Down weapon he has a chance of reducing those opponents’ APs at the same time he boosts 2 teammates. His active skill also gives AP, so he’s intend to be paired up with slower AR characters to make them wen AP faster and then be commanded a couple of turns earlier. He’s also not a damage toon and that was never his purpose (yeah, I know. Thanks Capt. Obvious), so 200% is more of am added bonus than the main point of his rush.

He’s not bad, I believe he’s decent. He just suffered from poor planning on Scopely’s part.
Since you got him on a single pull, it’s essentially free. So, you didn’t actually spend crazy amounts to get him.

Try to build some teams with him and see what you can come up with.

Hope this helps!


Command rules. Confuse rules. Impair rules.

Oh, Siddiq does all 3 so that makes him rule.