Anyone else didnt get their 1.4mil milestone in level up?

I used a vet ring to get to 1.4mil and I didn’t get my reward. So Idk if something happened cause I did not get it. Anyone else suffering from this?

vet ring dont count that good in lvl up right now.
known issue

So that’s why I didn’t get it. What if I hit 1.75mil? Will I get 1.4mil and that reward

i only myself trained up to 3 mill without rings but in my understanding the lvl up score counts for milestone without rings so they continue to count like they didnt been there.

So oof. Last time I level up I had used rings.

Maybe used fewer of them so they didnt make such big splash

Had this happen to me last level up. Showed 2 different scores on my level up and missed out on milestone. Messages support they first told me to wait 24 hours. Then did a 2nd time and they sorted it and gave me the missed milestone

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I would say if it is broken stop counting them in the lvl up…
My opinion

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Try levelling something after using the Vet ring. I’m told that might work to rectify it


This is correct.

I only used 1 this level up

Level any other toon 1 level and it will correct your score and you’ll get your milestone. Leveling a 2* will work

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Ok lemme try that…

Use the rings when you just pass a milestone, then level with whatever you choose to pass the next milestone.

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Unless they’ve changed it for the last few level ups, (which if they did, then why not just fix it?), this doesn’t work. I have come across this issue twice. If you level through milestones with vet rings, you miss that milestone. You don’t get it later. At least from my experience.

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Ahh ok, worth knowing. I think what I suggested works to credit the score to your total but didn’t know about missing milestones

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