Anyone else confused?

Anyone else confused about toons hitting AP while confused? And doing guardian while hitting AP?

I’m confused by this confused question, does that count?


Focus and multi hit rush?

Post a video.

Been seeing it since mods were dropped on us. PvP is broken and all they do is pump out new premiers.


I see this as well. Confuse does not seem to stop toons from triggering active skills :frowning: Maybe that is a feature of it being “Active” but it kinda blows.

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Confused toons cannot use active skills or ARs. HOWEVER, if a toon with focus is confused, focus will bypass the confuse and allow ARs and AS.

Whenever someone claims that confused toons still AR/AS against them and it’s a combat bug, I ask for a video, because I can get Scopely’s eyes on it very quickly. Every single video ever provided to me, it’s been focus working as intended.

However, I’m well aware that combat bugs are often introduced. Please, if you can get this on video, I’d be happy to pass it on very quickly to the people who can fix it.

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Thanks for the response, I will see if I can get a video. Never video my games so will have to look into that. Happens so often, should not be hard.

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