Anyone else bored raiding the same two defense teams?


holy crap this weekend raid faction event was a total snooze fest. This game has become so fun raiding the two main defense. Thank you scopley for fucking this game up.
Seriously, THANK YOU


I guess at least you can be prepared when you know you’re fighting against either:

Evel Knievel Mirabelle, Quarterback Tyrese, Yumiko and two randoms


Chubby Carl, Shiva and pimp Ezekiel and two randoms.

Even better when you know the randoms for team one are going to be pimp Zeke and Shiva or for team two, Evel Mira and QB Ty.


Fuck yes. There desperately need to be more free leaders on par with Carl and Mira, because they show up way too often.

There are comparable pay leaders (Erika, Lukas, Garrett) but not enough people have them.


Yes, yes and yes. One of the reasons I getting bored with raiding.


Agree the grind has been getting to me. Every event feels the same and its just so boring right now. I quit smoking cold turkey might have to do the same with the game. Neither are good for my health.


It will be 3 now due to Gator