Anyone else agree the past rewards for events have been absolute ass?

I just thought you know. We need better rewards. Even if just milestones. We need something. I have literally no more trainers to level for what? A few trainers and in the end 2k seashells? Just a thought.


Rewards are pure trash yes


Rewards are horrible but due to the current game structure active players are forced to compete hard for these rewards to maintain league standing and to get what little reward there is and because factions demand high performance. This gives the false appearance that people are actually competing for the the rewards they set. So in Scopely’s eyes why change anything if people are putting up 15 million in a level up or 110k as a faction in a faction raid.


They have been Azz for faction events since 6*’s have been here and they will continue to be Azz because scopely wants everyone to survive on scraps.


I have a zillion bennies…


Traded the 10k beach balls for gear lol.

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I’m weeding down my benny stock, but I most certainly have more than 1,000 burts


I think they are absolutely abysmal! Haven’t received 1 sombrero. Mostly get shells, like I want Ivanova. Probably won’t get enough to get any of them.

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The reward structure is about as much use as t!ts on a fish

Rewards have been woeful for years. Everything is now down to RNG within a pool of terrible toons.

Barely any toon rewards recently. Most rosters are still where they were two months ago. So many burts and f_ck all to level…

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Indeed. Rng rewards are a terrible thing. Scopely won’t change a thing though, as always, they simply don’t listen. Their promises are just hot air.

This thread again lol

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It has been like that long before 6 stars

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Yep. Just got unbelievably worse after 6 stars though. My roster pretty much hasn’t changed in months.

Also a true statement.

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