Anyone done that Lord's Mobile game for 7k coins?

Gotta reach some castle level 14.
Thought of trying it, but if it’s a scam I’d rather not waste my time.

Scam bro

Damn. Done that final fantasy one before, and was hoping this one would be good too.

I completed it and got the coins. But you only get them if it’s the first lord mobile offer you have done. also, it’s probably super hard to do without buying some gems. The construction times on the building are very long.

Never played it before.
Also, would you have to wait for it to reach castle level 14, or does it award you as soon as you click upgrade?
Just asking because final fantasy was that way.

Have to complete 14

Would take forever without buying

I mean it’s very similar to final fantasy. Might as well try it. Not to time consuming to play. Just gotta wait for the upgrades.

I can pay as long as it’s not overly much.
7k coins for 20 bucks or w/e it takes isn’t bad.

20 should do it

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Ok I’ll do that then.

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Tapjoy never delivers my coins anymore gave up on them

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After i got hosed on the ff offer i said screw tapjoy.


Pulled koa from the winter tokens right after too

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I really want this offer…

I spent 25 bucks in the end to finish it.
Was worth it holy shit.

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it works if it’s your first offer with them.

Yeah I know, I ended up doing it.

7k…the max I have is 3k… Seems fair :slight_smile:

Edit: gz on the pull