Anyone digging this split war?


Was just curious if I am being bitter for no reason or if everyone mutually disliked the split war with joke of a tourny in between.


Nope. It’s stupid af.


Nope. I hate it.


I like this war setup tbh. Would rather something other than the worst level up in ages in between though.


Sir Lames says you sirs, are talking the dogs doo-dahs.

Sir Lames likes the split war, as it allows sir Lames to get twice the top rewards.


Eh, seems prizes arent really double, just cut in half along with the milestones


I absolutely hate it!! Idgaf about crappy DBL rewards that don’t equal up to even a single normal war. Which seems to be the other half’s piss poor excuse to enjoy them.

But let’s face it, $copely has never done anything to pls the player’s it’s about money plan and simple. :man_shrugging:

[Edit]Now if they ran the other half immediately after or like 1 hour or 2 after the other ends without some shitty level up I’d be more keen but having a event in between is stupid.


Sadly I think you are right vet-_-


Imo the milestones could be better but other than that, my faction gets 40 tokens each AOW so I can’t be complaining


Sucks. Bad rewards, bad times, bad everything. Wth 6vs6 on sunday? Make it 10v10 instead. We are migrating and finally have active regions and u guys think of 6v6 on a damn sunday. Bring back midweek blitz if u want 6vs6 wars.


For regular region war I don’t mind it but definitely not for crw


Is it really 6vs 6 on sunday-_-


It blows and scopely sucks


Another desperate pathetic attempt by this company to get the spenders to spend.


Not sure if the split wars helps that, but the OP towers definitely do


Yea. I would rather Ben leveling right now than warring… I mean there is just absolutely no way anyone can justify this decision to me.


I hate it. I’m trying to figure out how it makes $cope-Lie money. That’s their motivation behind any change…


No, this pause sucks. We could have been warring this whole time. Part two is going to start just as I go to sleep.



Same here man. Makes 0 sense. Not sure how it helps anything, them or us.


They should listen to their fans the majority if not all of us dislike 2 parter wars