Anyone bored of seeing this admin guy


Has he visited your reigion yet because hes in a lot of reigions
I’ve spotted him in 3 reigions
Hes not a threat and all but seeing this way of scamming which died in 2010 is boring lol

I haz returned - responses incoming

He’s been in Marion as well i stay off global for the most part but have seen him spamming chat with that b.s. a couple times.


We have him in Butler too but most people are ignoring him so not a big deal.


He’s in bleckley as well. Spams the hell outta gc


Saw him in Lee as well…


And Whitfield


He is in Madison, the little cheeky bastard.


Yeah he’s in Ben Hill as well everyday seeing this rubbish needs to get a life and play the game :slight_smile:


Lmao this is great


Hes in elbert too


Unemployment, what a scourge.


Banks as well


Dougherty also lmao


Dude is in every region… I’m willing to bet it’s a scopely employee. :joy::joy::joy:


Add Webster to the list.


Lol guys it’s not a person, and it’s not the same bot in every region. There’s hundreds of them and new ones are made everyday. No amount of blocking keeps you from seeing it. Scopely just needs to get a better handle on their network security.


Shouldn’t have to block him. Scopley needs to fix their security.


He’s in wheeler too. They pop up every so often


Cook too, he’s become somewhat of a folk hero with the locals


Don’t forget Lowndes :wink: lmao