Anyone been bothering with these coin or ascendable offers?


How successful have you been if you have?


yeah, I went for Bruce…
I didn’t get him, I don’t think anyone can get an ascendable toon. (I had 3% chance to get Bruce :joy: )
A joke really.


At least if you don’t get the toon, you still get coins relative to the amount of money paid. It could have been Bruce or a grenade.


i almost went ahead and bought it the first time but realised in time it was a scam. no chance in hell ill buy any of them


How is it a scam? They tell you exactly what you’re getting and what chances you have of getting each of those items before you buy it.


its bad you went for him. dont do it ever again.

i bought four mods being 50% silver/gold and all were silver…
then won a fac tournament with 5 pcs. 33%/66% chance gold/silver mods and all were silver…
now imagine a 3% chance :rofl:


I saw them pop up right before I went to sleep. Almost pulled the trigger on Clem then realized it’s only a 3% chance and stopped myself Lol


it is the new way of scopely, making coins more tempting by mixing it with a pretty low chance of getting a desired toon.


fixed that for you :+1:


much better thanks. :joy:


There’s a LOT of things I’d do for that Season 4 Clem.
Spend $30 on a 3% chance isn’t one of them.


i find the way they are being advertised extremely dodgy. the picture shows you the recruit only, giving a clear indication that players are purchasing the recruit - especially as similar offers were done previously in the game where for that amount of money you were purchasing i.e. Hershel.

if i see a poster that says i can buy a particular new car for lets say 20k I assume it is the car pictured on the poster. I would not expect for the small print to say that for that money i get a tiny chance to get that car and a high probability of getting a pile of chocolate bars.

This offer is meant to trick you into buying it - yes you can click on the question mark to find out what is in the bag but the amount of players saying they almost bought it but then luckily didn’t is quite high. Far too high for a perfectly legit, standard and clear offer.


Amen dude…


After pulling Lydia, I think my luck is gone.
I did 2 tens for Shiva and nothing.


The way the offers are set up is a little naughty by any standards …

the problem is … we as a customer also need to check everything nowadays and not impulse buy. I’ll admit ive done it a few times. I have bought lets say shop items only to realise right at the bottom of a museum collection they were marking off my shop purchases in there so when it came to “free” farming a roadmap, they were not able to be used as i had already purchased lets say 20/20 redemptions … so theoretically i lost 5 “free” farming tokens which in the shop were around 450 coins each … hindsight is a Bish


I did the $30 one for Clementine but I was really just trying to buy a ten pull. It worked out!



Nice reply’s here.
I need to save and stop the impulse buys.
Took my card off Apple for awhile.

I think I’d have been tempted this morning with Clementine and Maybe Bruce too.


Pulled Violet last week from the 5% box. Not bothering to try for any of these toons. Only one I might jump for would be an already ascended Marlon & Rosie


Really wanted violet, but didnt bother trying for 3% odds.
Tried for bruce though, $40 is more palatable- and I got him too :blush:


pretty much purchasing nothing…