Anyone actually pulled Gabriel?

511 pulls no Gabriel.


Or is the wheel broken?

Free pull - blue 4* Connor.
What a shock.

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please tell me this was meant to say “51 pulls”…


ive seen 2 single pulls with his 5* and 6* version

and 2 mulitple pulls with 5 & 6* from 4 different people. hes in there but he aint dropping that much

@JB.Scopely are these new wheels going to be here to stay… this isn’t a Gabriel wheel per day, it’s a Strong premier wheel. Seems as though the odds have been further lowered to pull the premier.


One of my fac mate did

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I managed to nab him…

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After 3 40 pulls you got him :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Andreagate what now??
Oh boy.


Close, 1 x 40 and a couple of 10’s :yum:

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Sadly, Imma waiting for Christmast to make my pull. My friend made three pulls and send picture on Line chat… Three pulls and one was Gabriel.

Boycott the Survivors club? Yeah, screw Scopely!
Do 60 pulls on Gabriel? Yeah, what’s the problem?


This does amaze me… Such short memories and we wonder why the state of the game is where it is…


Weird flex but ok :relieved:


At least use it right FFS. Every damn thread

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They changed these wheels after the double chances to trait specific. I suspect they ultimately reduced the likelihood of grabbing the premier toon as a result of this.

The developer is welcome to tell us otherwise, but since we are blind to the exact odds of a premier pull, most are starting to believe this is real.


They have further diluted the chances of getting the promo character.
Before and during the 2x chances, they released a character focused promo and the odd specific promo (shield, revive, etc.).
Those wheels had slightly higher odds of getting the promo character.
This new mechanism gives you the chance to pull a trait specific character but the promo character doesn’t have increased chances. So basically, you have less odds of pulling the promo character compared to before the end of the 2x chances.



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You should buy more Gold Mods, then level them, then don’t use them :+1: Double Flex!! :joy:

Just because they’re not currently equipped doesn’t mean I don’t use them :wink: :+1: