Anymore tournaments for 3year Tokens


Anybody know the status of 3 year tokens?
Daily log in has stopped because of the gator event.

20 days on the clock until it ends but next to no opportunites to get more unless breaking the bank… If anyone with tokens like myself is 35 off a pull and expires before the event, will we have them converted to low amount of SP again (like lucky tokens)


They will likely be included in war rewards


The only tourney where you might see them is WAR.
This is the only game where you can sit on event tokens for over a week without them giving any (not even roadmaps). Always showing how little they care as soon as they hop on to the next thing.


Fingers crossed to hoping so guys. Got a feeling they will more than likely d!ck everyone.


Can’t see them issuing any road maps like most games would. I’ve heard rumours about them prolonging the 3 Yr event because of the fck ups surrounding it, but knowing scopes it won’t happen.


I would hope CRW will give some

But no matter what happens, some people will always end up agonisingly short of a pull.

15 here myself so should get one from CRW and no expectation to get another 100 beyond that


I hope you hit that 15 fella… Kind of gutted its CRW. Not that I’m salty about CRW. Just prize placement is going to be alot tougher. As a member of a top 3 fac, I’d prefer standard war to hit the 35… Wishful thinking


yep there will be crw u can get those token frim there


Thanks. Yeah lets hope Scopely don’t get stingy. Two wars too, so if you need 35 then you just need to get 35 total across both halves).


Anybody remember the flash roadmap that popped up out of nowhere for HTL tokens hours before the event ended. Good times my friends!


What a perfect prize (for scopely)

people cant cash them in unless they have 100 (most wont)
people will take a very good look at buying the last stretch…

BUT… when people do pull, there’s a good chance they will be frustrated with a repeat or Gov.

Players (wallet) first.


If only there was a thread on just that.

spoiler: people are pulling at much greater odds than 1:20… particularly if you are pulling 3-5 times.


20 off from a pull, but scopely sent my 30 to the wrong region so…


I need 30 in main and 10 on 2nd account


I head a rumour that Scopes will be charging a 99c entry fee to the next CRW before we can collect any further Annigate tokens…


Where do people hear these “rumors” from?


Exactly @DeanDomino lol


Over on the discord chat, posted by JB

i can confirm no Y3 in upcoming CRW. (full details will come through dedicated forums thread)

byt tomorrow latest

regarding Y3 in event before they expire, unconfirmed

I better get some sweet smelling salts from CRW :rofl: :roll_eyes::man_shrugging:

It’s in the TWD Library chat, #library thread


where in discord did he write that?


He rescinded his former statement, Anniversary tokens confirmed now.

lordy lord. my bad guys, had to take down the thread and my former messages, as i got confused.

Y3, confirmed.