Anymore to the survivors club?

So is this all there is to the survivors club? I gave it a shot and kept the membership to get a better feel for it and with some hopes that there would be a 6* gear map exclusive to the club but it’s been more of the same. Almost 2 weeks in and all I have to show for $25 is a 5* Andrea that’s stuck on t2 because I got the lowest amount of comic books on both runs. If there is no additional value to this membership then I will be a one and done. Andrea is nice and all but I can live without her and the additional features of the membership don’t come close to justifying the price tag. I still have some time for my month to expire but the clock is ticking for you to show me why I should stay subscribed. I know you don’t care about my $25 so this will be ignored like everything else but I have a feeling I’m not the only one that stayed subscribed with hopes it got better.


Someone in my region has Andrea T3 already, so Im not sure why players are saying it’ll take months to upgrade. Im even contemplating on subscribing lol.

Andrea really isn’t worth even a couple of months’ subscription. Cute play with the leader and specialist skill tho

The benefits are awesome though

What benefits? Crafting without parts which are free? A free four star every day? Pass


Because it’s still 2 or three weeks to t4 and then 6 star upgrades are even more

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Thats the bot not me.

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If they added more gear maybe and things like that I would get it, but right now it isn’t worth paying for.

Yeah I would like you to elaborate on the “awesome” benefits as well. Double wood and food is hardly awesome.

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I unsubscribed pretty much right away, and have her at T3. I agree tho, benefits don’t warrant the price tag imo.

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Survivors club is Andrea. It’s the only reason they reset her is because they know without her as the carrot it’s all stick and no one wants the stick.

It also seems to be designed for very new players and players who are under the impression that a single shield will make any kind of a difference when it comes to defending.

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Honestly I cant afford it 24$ is alot but just crafting without parts is worth it to me. Also a few people like half in my faction pulled a 6 star thier forst seven days from the daily pull but I thing They should also include 100 coins daily

We ain’t in Venezuela.

I feel like laughing … so many posts about how survivors club would kill the game. I laughed then and I laugh now. People can be mororns without evaluating things properly. Honestly there isn’t much value to this except Andrea. And even her you will only get after 5 months ( fully maxed)… well the jokes on everyone who cried about this so called game breaking feature… I will continue to laugh in my corner

Survivors club is a JOKE right now, a literal joke. There isn’t a single useful thing about it for anyone that hasn’t just started playing.

Free crafting parts… I only have THOUSANDS!

Double food… near useless, leveling with food is for chumps, if I need food I have depo, event milestones, and ygl. should have had double ygl as survival club feature.

Double wood… uesless. Who even had wood production anyway, get it from SR and raiding. Only use for wood is mod scraps which is ANOTHER easy thing they could have actually included. Free mod unequip as a survival club feature.

Free daily pull… that one had me interested. So far I have 10 new 4*s so we’ll see how that goes.

In reality survival clue is EXACTLY what we all knew it was.

It’s a $125 shield ‘offer’ installment plan disguised as a new ‘feature’.

The only thing new about it, is that its a different way $copley figured out to squeeze more $$$ out of their players.

If you won’t drop $100 on a chance at a shield, perhaps you will pay $100 for an offer in the shop… what… too much? How about 5 easy payments of $25?


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