Anybody using Joshua?


Just wondering if anybody has been using Joshua and their thoughts on him… his active skill is nice but not entirely sure heal reduction is worth it.

Which 6*s you regret to got ascended? If any

I just got him from ascending a 4* and plan on using him, he’s next on my ascention list. Paired with vincent I think he could be a decent toon, maybe not for big spenders but F2P definitely. Not sure how his specialist skill will work though, could trigger opponents ar unintentionally but whack an abs on him and with the heal reduction he should cause some headaches for a few people.


Opposed him few times with blue red team, not worth it. Simply they needed to give him stronger basic damage value, like this he is placeholder.


I have him and think he’s a decent toon. Recover stun is probably his most helpful attribute. I run a fairly tanky team even on offensive so his Heal Reduction helps buy me more time to finish off opponents. Collateral Damage helps get rid of pesky Guardian Shields faster. That all being said, I would still probably swap him out if another Shiva came my way…


I’m waiting for Connor before going for Joshua. I’m thinking there could be a nice Fast crit/offense team that can be done with Joshua, Ezekiel, Barker, etc.


The only downside is running crit v a guardian shield means no crit will occur from what Ive seen making it a pain unless you have a sacrificial attack on the wings available for things like Collateral damage or barkers rush.


Essentially yes, but I wasn’t thinking a crit team simply to maximize Guardian’s proc rate, but rather it’s just a good alternative for offense now given the high base damage of certain characters.


The other thing you need to consider is the weapon for him. Throwing on ABS on every yellow doesn’t always signify that it will work just as good as another special. I have a weapon for him, but haven’t tried him out yet besides in FA.


I’m thinking he can help against erika teams by removing all those stuns. Mira sometimes gets whacked by the blues that are being ran with Erika…


His specialist is useless, low attack stats + double attack which is inexistant for yellows


I want to test him out. I don’t have him but I do wonder how well of damage I can make with barker lead and give jousha a 35% attack buff special (raider level 3) on a kukri blade with 35 attack stat also added to it. Blues have low defense stat so am thinking he could do some real work for ya.


Leech life on a weapon with high crit probly works best. I’ve hit 4 people for 300 or so dmg each, so he heals himself 80% of all the damage. Having said that you need to have rngesus on your side for a critical hit and for leech to happen, but when it does it’s pretty cool


So to confirm you saying that life leech can steal from 3 targets? Giving they both proc at the same time?


I think that’s what he’s saying, which would be OP and I’ve never considered it! Til nowwww!


Lol if it really works, you shouldn’t have say that. It will be fixed like 5* fast barker cleave neutra


Life Leech does work with Collateral Damage and isn’t a bug since it was confirmed by CombatDevII


its Working as intended as the post above shows


Yeah its pretty b.s to me that life leech and collateral damage can work and combine together but not splash damage and neutralize that happen but was a bug…


It’ll be patched probably lmao, then depatched and repatched


Does anybody have a video of Joshua on attack??? I’d like to see him in action if possible.