Anybody pull from todays surprise box

Just tempted to see what the results were…

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Yep, 300 gold coins and blue Hersh, I kicked myself after thinking they got me again

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Four pulls, 300 token X 4 blue Hershel X 4

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0 pulls 0 disappointment. :slight_smile:


Yeah another scam produced by them. Got 6 300 tokens. After over $450 this week on this and premier pulls and only getting these tokens and 8 5* that I have multiples of I’m done spending money on this game.

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I had been saving up for a 10 pull and seeing @Lucai have some luck I said what the hell. Would be nice to get another red. So after not listening to my own advice…

She popped out on the 4th of 5 boxes.

Open for advice on her bound weapon. I don’t see much use for her on defense so I’m thinking keep ap down and try for 35% att and 30% def or huge ap on attack. Don’t want to waste the mats trying for stun, to be honest.


I don’t actually pull from the wheel anymore and haven’t for over a year, so have 0 premier 6*s. When I saw rosita I thought I’d give it a shot as I really need a ranged healer. Aaaaand…

Yes I was surprised.


I can relate with the 0 premier 6 stars. I pulled a 1 pull from premier and got a duplicate ascendable Negan.

Pull from the surprise box that has only 1 that’s not in the premiere wheel everyday?

I’m not stupid enough to try that.

She’s already outdated




Unfortunately 6* rosita is poop :poop:
Her 5* isn’t too bad in Sr hope you still have coins
Because madison is next promo And that’s a good 6* and a good use of coins
Jerimiah is amazing and I probaly suspect most people wanted him or eugene so if they ever pop up promo or 100$ offer I’d wait then
I’m probably going to make a thread from now on which covers the usability of the toons in surprise box

Rosita wasn’t great when she first came out but it didn’t cost me anything as these coins were from the monthly pass and leveling up. Better than no 6 star like most people will get from trying. I have no 6 star healers so I still see a use for her just obviously not on def unless I want to spend mats on trying for stun. There are lots of greens out there and very few f2p reds. I don’t pay for pulls so sure Jerimiah would have been better but she’s better than nothing.

Everyone says rosita sucks but they aren’t using her right I guess. I put stun, huge ap attacking and huge ap taking damage on her weapon and she works great behind Erika and taunt gov

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Imo even thou there are better options but if you want to use her on attack I would try to put Stronger attack on her weapon with 30 attack and huge ap when attacking. Behind mirabelle she could soften people up for a double attack weapon to possible round one a toon all while being a back up for cleanses in case mirabelle stun herself.

Gonna guess people are a bit salty if they pulled and didn’t get anything. Guaranteed if they make her the next “free” toon in an event every single person who thinks she stinks will do the work to get her. Would love to have Erika and the taunt Gov myself. Maybe one day.

After watching a YouTube clip of all 25 boxes and NO ascendable toon. I think I will pass this time. Congrats to those who amazingly have had some luck. Go buy a lottery ticket :joy:

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That’s what I was thinking. My region is like 90% Carl teams. So lots of greens. If she just didn’t have that stupid bound weapon I would be even happier. Got 4 stun guns. Like I said I really don’t want to spend mats on trying to get a special for her. Thanks for the advice but I think I’m leaning towards ap and att as I won’t be using her on defense. Way to many hard hitting f2p blues out there. Reds are toast and useless without stun on defend.