Anybody miss this?

Does anyone miss the OG walking dead road to survival? Like 999 gaming was relevant and people weren’t OP as they are rn?


No one misses 999 gaming.


What happened to him anyways did he just quit the game?

He Just does videos about the T.V. Show now

He just removed everything from his account after he found cheats.

I actually liked his videos. But no I don’t miss getting 4 star tokens and 4s as faction event rewards. Or it taking 3 months to get a 5 pull if you weren’t top 3. I really don’t miss anything of that. I do miss having actual cool events tho. Like choose your side this time was an hour of roadmaps and neither character had same impact that the jesus/dewhite one did. Would love to see some creativity put back in the game.


I miss killzhot.

He was an ok guy.

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I remember when jab first said he would quit. And then the next time. And the one after that too…


This absolutely sucked I hated when I used to get 2500 or 500 5* tokens Total garbage really don’t miss and right now in the game is the funnest it’s been imo at least my defense team isn’t whipped out in 1 turn

He quit so many times.

Eventually he stopped playing rts tho

Killzhot wasn’t knowledgeable about the game, but I loved his videos, true whale. Current content creators are knowledgeable but bland, cookie cutter formula. Trollypolly probably has the best content out there with Fox. Their personality makes the content much more enjoyable. But Killzhot will always be OG like OG Meeshon.

Say it with me y’all, MEE-SHON


No nobody misses quitters


Did he tho? I saw he was still making RTS vids on YouTube yesterday.


Players have forgot how 1st place war rewards were occasionally good and everyone else got trash. This created a larger divide and helped solidify dominance across all events (raid, lvl, SR) because everyone else was so restricted.


But muh good prizes though and 5* era nostalgia!

I was originally in some like top 50 faction but loved war. I had a few decent 5* due to random single pulls. Someone found me and saved me. I would up in a top 5 faction and it would take so many wars to get enough for a pull. Eventually moved on up but the best toons were all before I moved up. Erin, Amy, and some others. Managed green heal/buff Morgan on the raid or level event that was meant for solo prizes but they accidentally made them faction prizes. Never seen so many go so hard. Back then 5* were rare.

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Just checked his channel, and you were right…

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I missed out on all the good 5s sadly Monica Amy Antonio could have joined the #1 faction easily but friends held me back didn’t join a #1 till they only gave out 5 tokens and I don’t regret it I had fun

Antonio was one of my first really nice top faction rewards. I got green Audrey and green Jackson. Soon after our super faction broke up I was in number 2 fac. Got Darlene and still use her in Sr daily. I’ve since obtained 10 more Darlenes lol but she’s one of the rare few I still use. Wouldn’t mind having some unique toon rewards come back if they were not just limited to top 3 facs. I enjoy competition