Anybody have war up?

Anybody have war up? Not showing up in bacon

Hart doesn’t.

No war in Brooks, we are group E

Nope no war no chat

No war in cleburne either

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Only war bags and offer.

Not in Lanier. There was not crw chat with countdown either

No war in quitman

Morgan is in ya group u all even have event chat?

Nothing in wheeler

Some regions have it others dont

Rabun is without war. Just a war offer bag.

Nothing here in Randolph


No war in bulloch

No war in Warren

Stupid! Utterly stupid. Not only did we lose friday, they cant even get it to start on time today. This is by far the worst crw ever. Good job scopley


War is up in bedford for my second account but not crw.

Good luck, dead end is waiting :slight_smile:

I think they have screwed up the world crw