Anybody have 5* Hold the Line Duane?



No particular reason why, I’m just curious. Heard about him being good during the 5* meta, anybody have a picture of him? Thanks!


Little fella was a beast, I had him on a defense team that I had an 85-90% defend rate with…


Those were the days!! :cry:


Yeah he was a beast for sure back in the five star era for sure


With the slow pace of 6* we will never reach the variety we saw in the 5* days.


I’ll say. I wasn’t around much back then, but it was still pretty great compared to nowadays.


Got two of him during his event, my defense team was almost unbeatable


Got 2 also, with his guns… that was some defense… i miss my Duanes now …


Yeah ended up getting two of the boxes. Scrapped the guns for parts in the end but still got both fully maxed and ready for his “timely” release…


You will be waiting some time stun Duane is going to be a 6*


At the pace of scopley the red 1 should be a 6* in like 5+ years from now if game is still around also at that point they will he up to 9* by than


I got 3 of him (one box, 2 from separate pulls) and some other toons that were in that wheel. I was pretty damn lucky for once.


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