Anybody do the weapon stash offer?

There’s only 1 available, but it’s a stash of 4. So, the question is, after you buy the first one and you get that B.S. yellow weapon, is the next stamp $50 also or do they jack it up each time?

Has anybody tried? Info would be greatly appreciated.

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Agreed. Take one for the team and let us know how it goes


Just want to know how much I can expect to spend

The offers right now are an addict whale’s dream. They probably made $300 easy on a ton of people buying Mackenzie and these weapons

Any amount is too much

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It’s titled wrong for me as well, should be “Offer NOT for you”

Those stamps have been recycled a few times now. Anyone have them lying around and get some free pulls outa these guys?


2 people in the faction I’m in pulled once each
One got the absolute defense green and the other got the yellow weapon.

Did they mention how much the 2nd pull is? That’s my question. If all four pulls are $50, I’m in. I just want to guarantee the green weapon.

Logic: Koa with abs zero weapon makes him equivalent to Shieldus. Would I pay $200 or less for Shieldus? Sure would.

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Welp, I called it. Got the ridiculous, shit yellow weapon.

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Got an 2nd offer yet?

Not necessarily true. I can afford it but I don’t think it’s worth it.

Nope, but if it’s different than the first one, I’ll post a SS

Got an answer on the 2nd stash pull.

Prices go up each time… Grrr…

Ofcourse you did. There % are lies.
The only good weapon in there is the damn axe. An i guarantee that anyone buying all 4 will get axe LAST!

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Well I guarantee that you’re right because nobody would pull all 4 unless they didn’t get the axe. Lol

There we go. 2nd pull.


I’d better buy a real axe lol but cheers I guess

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!100 for a. Abs d green weapon … lol sad


$125* second offer goes up to $75

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