Any word on a crit fix


I know the token mess is taking all the attention, but the crit issue is still present.

+36 crit leader, max crit weapons, +50 crit and the zombies are barely being damaged.

Please address this.


It was fixed


Fixed where?


It’s working fine for me in current SR.


“Working as intented”


The nerf was technically a fix.


“Reconsideration of fix”*


More than the zombies, I am concerned about the less crit hits that my Bruce is doing. Earlier with a +35 Crit and slayer 2 +35 crit, he used to disarm about 90% of the time. Now I see it has come down way to about 50-60%.
Going up against window less teams, Bruce’s first hit is so crucial and thats the advantage that has been taken out.
If I had known about the planed crit nerf, I wouldnt have pulled for him and same reason why I’ll not pull for Michionne now!!


yep getting eaten is fun tho have to admit. raaaagh (it’s not that fun)