Any wiki where I can browse the characters?

Hello ALL!

My question is, that there is any useable wiki, where most of the new characters are up on?
Like i find old ones, which is not so useful.

Thx for help!

Only wiki I’m aware of is

It’s amazing what you can find on Google.

Thx, but I know this one, and the problem with it, its not upgraded anymore or so.
New characters are not in this Wiki.
But thx!

You would think scopely would keep a log of all the released characters

Have you tried VK?

They’re very useful for RTS information.

I haven’t found anywhere you can browse the newer characters, if there is any particular character you want to find info on google them and you will usually find a review video of them from somebody like Justabox which has all the info in you need. its slightly longer than just looking at the card but that can be quicker than scrolling through vk to find any toon that was released more than a couple of weeks ago.

if its a 6* you want info on then you can go to the ascendance tower and browse them in there.