Any way to secure another pull from the Anniversary wheel before the event ends?


So the event ends in two days, right?

Summer work and work trips didn’t allow me to take the most out of this event and I only pulled twice from the anniversary wheel (got Erika tho!). I only completed the cake collection 3 times and I’m currently sitting at 49/250 cakes, grinding those raids to get more. I have 44 tokens.

Is there anything I can do to secure another pull from that wheel without spending coins? I really want to get the ascendable Romanov…



Yes, I saw that and thought we still have 35 days but then someone said the event ends in two days and I got confused and thought those 35 days are just so everyone gets to redeem those tokens, but that we won’t be able to get any more after that. I just got confused then? Honestly that would be great.


Would imagine they’ll be more tokens for rewards buddy


It is only the cakes and candles event that are ending in 2 days and you should get more tokens from the cake event, as stated there is still another month to go as well as 13/14 days left of free 4 tokens each day so you should be able to get another pull as long as you login each day and collect them


Cakes and Candles end in 2 days. We’re getting tokens for log in rewards until the end of the month, but as posted above the wheel is open until mid-October.

I assume that either:

  1. We get a separate cake and candle style event for the remaining days - maybe even a new toon
  2. We continue to get tokens as rewards (offers) but further access is limited

And if those are wrong, the answer is probably that "someone at Scopely accidentally made the timer waaaaaaay longer than it needed to be.


Thanks for clarification! Let’s grind those cakes before they’re gone then.
Hope I can get that Romanov for my quick team…


Meh. I’ve got enough to not slip out of top 1,000, but didn’t war enough to get close to top 200. Collected all my cakes in museum so don’t really see the point.

GL on the Romanov, got one myself