Any way to delete my account from this forum?


Making an account here was a mistake. Is there any way I can delete it?


Why was it a mistake? Did you do something you wasn’t supposed to do, or stupid trolls keep bothering you? To answer your question: I’m not sure. Pm Shane and she should know.


Why was it a mistake? I want to know if it’s why I think. I would assume that you are tired of seeing all the complaining and all the trolls. I will see if I can find a way to delete accounts on here.

Edit: I checked discourse and they say you can delete your account if you only made 1-2 posts, it will be in your preferences. I am not sure how accurate that information is. I see no options to delete my account myself. You can ask Shane or any other CM to delete your account for you.


You stuck here for life there is no running away


Welcome to the real world ross.

sorry we can’t plug you back in matrix.


He took the wrong Pill :smile: