Any way for us to concretely measure the success of the game with data?


I see a lot of people in here talking about how the game is going downhill, or how lots of people are quitting, but those statements are generally based on one person’s experience (or a small group of people). We all know that disgruntled people are more likely to speak up. Is there a way for us to look at the bigger picture? Has the release of 6*s been truly good or bad for game, financially speaking?

What kind of data do we have access to to get a better sense of how the game is doing?

I’m thinking of analytics, things we can measure over time, like:

  • number of active users by month
  • number of active regions
  • revenue from users
  • monthly users gained vs monthly users lost

For example, TWD:RTS is currently #31 on the list of top grossing apps in the play store, which means that people are still spending in the game right? Did the game drop significantly on that list when the “monetary strike” was happening? (Apparently they block out the other, more common name for what happened on the forum).


Scopely would have to share the data with you, so good luck with that. I’d love to see it, just how new characters or features cause spending, would be interesting for sure. Perhaps someone out there has a way to capture through google analytics? Or maybe old screen shots of the apple or google shops to see rise/fall in rankings?


You would be banned and black listed for gathering the data and scopee will never share.

They are a publicly traded and thus such info is guarded.


I said I’d love to see it, I’m not encouraging people to mind Scopely data. It must be out there somewhere. Publicly traded companies release information to stock holders all the time, so investors know the health of their investments. If someone had the time and money they could buy a share of Scopely and share the Prospectus.


I believe they are a private company so you’re not going to find anything…Nor will they openly give you that info Lmao.


You are just so wrong…


Let’s not tear down people’s ideas.

Sadly now, this isn’t information we share – but you are definitely right in saying we all have different perception and experiences as players.


If you want to know, learn to read the reviews. By this I meant to learn what is a fake review and what is real. Best is to change it “newest first” this is because the bot farms are now voting for there own posts as most useful. The bot farms they pay for are getting better but you can still tell. A good way to tell is you’ll have a real one then x amount of fake ones to keep a certain paid for star amount, on Google they tend to keep it about 4.2, always. Another is sometimes the paid bot account picture will appear over and over. Sometimes it’s the name, or even just blank no name and say “Google user”.
Example- real review

Then it’s-
Here is a bot farmer that was lazy

Before this here flagged I’d like to say it is not bashing it is bringing to light what goes on. If we don’t keep them honest we are no better then them. And if they are not paying bot farmers then they can report to the stores to have the false reviews removed.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll take this to the team. Our data indicates real reviews. Also, you are banned. And this thread goes to the graveyard.


Yeah let’s hope not!
Here is what a small bot farms looks like if anyone wondered-


Oh. Thought that was a new player trying to hit 250k milestones. My bad.


Here is just one in-depth business article on it, to show is a growing problem with any app store rating.

A search will bring up many more if you would like to get learnt! :joy::grin::grinning:


My hypothesis is:
A (fixed) fraction of the revenues is made available as prices for tournaments. This could be the reason why prices are now of less value than 6 month ago…
It is like a depression on economy and a downward spiral…people are spending less on low value tournaments…and so the next prize gets even worse.

On a positive note: There is a solution to the problem in real world: Controlled inflation at a low rate. PLEASE Scope Invest in Tournament Prizes!