Any updates on the issues?

@GR.Scopely several issues have been brought to the team… any update would be appreciated.

@boh I have updated some of the topics in the last 10 mins and for the rest still waiting :wink:


Are you working overtime or did you come state side? You’ve been responding a lot this week in the north american afternoon while it’s evening in Spain.

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Thank you!

@Opie Neither actually - I am focusing more on the forums and answering now that some other projects like the TWD Blog are up and running.


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i thought jb was the Spaniard and not gr

I’ll let @GR.Scopely confirm but I’m pretty sure their office is in Spain

Either way it is very welcome to see the increase in communication from yourself. Even if you aren’t getting the answers from the team, addressing the issues and letting us know you have pokers in the fire is a huge improvement.

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