Any tips on learning Java?

I’m interested in making apps for Android, had a look around & most the sites all said the same thing, Java & Android Studio.

I found a massive tutorial that I’ve been working my way through. I’m 3 days in now. The first few days where kinda fun & exciting as it seemed pretty simple. Now I’m getting to points where I’m having to reread everything then Google up parts because it’s not clearly explained or it’s just not sinking in.

The tutorials are starting to consist of “put this code here, & put that code there”, sometimes again not clearly explained where so I end up downloading the source code from github.

Frustrating :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Check some books out at the library!

I learned html and css back in the day that way.

It is simple yet complicated making a game the code is the easy part the graphics r where it gets tough Bc of copyrights but the best app I’ve found is unity

Also u have to learn to lift your head before u crawl there aren’t any shortcuts to learning to code properly so work on the most basic sc first to understand orders and “umbrellas”

well, fist of all you need to understand what youre doing, its very simple just copy and paste code

do you know how class works? arrays? lists? functions? its a hard road but you can learn it, just need to do more than a copy paste

Not a clue.

I think the Public things mean that part can be used in any part of the app.

I’m literally right @ the start, learning about constraints, activities, back stack, intents & such. I have the general idea of how they work but I couldn’t write code for them

Theres lots of intro java stuff on or

If you dont understand how classes work, and their modifiers and scopes in relation to the rest of the project, I’d suggest learning the basics first. Theres a while lot of things involved in making an app other than copy and pasting code snippets. Things like data storage, manipulation and access (passing values vs references) are also very important things to know when it comes to coding and will drive you crazy if you dont have a solid understanding. It’s not hard to learn how to code, it just builds on previously learnt concepts.

I learnt by preparing for the basic java programming certification, from sun at the time, presumbaly oracle now; great for getting a good grasp of the framework and concepts everything is built upon

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the only way its learn about how the algotihm works, after that any language can complete your task.

And for visual, you need to link your app with code, manage the canvas, update screenview, etc etc etc.

First learn how works, after that you can create ur game

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