Any season 7 leaks?

I really wanna see some leaks. Im not gonna buy another ■■■■■■■ fast or strong. I might if its a good toon. I wanna see a good alert or ranged. Hell why not a good toon. Please. We been having non ranged 6 stars after the last season with 3 toons (Which was charlie, kal and regina) Im trying to see if there’s any leaks of toons. If it’s a fast or strong toon I might just buy it. Then again I really want more reds and blues.

Would like some good leader toons…am still using gen 1 leader coz havent managed to get any…


Usually come out Friday/Saturday I think.

[ETA] Wondering if I should get a second Shiva or save my tokens. Would love to have her as a 5* as well.

I really wanna get blues. If I wasn’t stupid I could of had that sandy 6 star who wears pink, Bonus Hp Garrett. Someone told me Garrett wasn’t good for my team. Then again I’ll still buy the ascend-able regardless since 6 star ascendables dont come easy. I just hope if it’s a fast or strong toon that’s not ass.

If you already got a shiva and your not hording ascendables dont get her. Actually wait til leaks come out and then make your choice.

Sandy is a monster. Looks kinda meh, and I almost didn’t try her, but she did wonders for my team. Might be the best taunt team lead in the game.

Yep, that’s why I’m posting it in this thread.

You’re acting like scopely cares what you want.

Oh why so serious??

Not even gonna ask what your username inspired.


I would just like it to come out on time lol


I’d like a good ranged toon. Maybe a good shield. I just hope we dont have another toon thats worthy of kal status (Being good or trash but being put in alot of 5 star ascendable wheels)

A HS would be cool I guess, but its scopely so let’s be realistic

It would be. Lets hope its not a ass toon.

That is a high hope. But I agree

Um, Earl???

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Ajax is now F2P so it’s possible.

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Nah I dont need another league exclusive toon.

If he turns into the kal thing I’ll be glad since 2 human shields is good. Plus I need more reds.

I know, I’ve already pulled him twice. Was extremely happy cause he’s awesome once he has stun

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erika and lydia beside season 7 exclusive toon i believe