Any reason in continuing?

Actually good reasons please

The penance will absolve your sins

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You can’t say the F word. That one will get F’ed too

Edit: A sentence like that is apparently less controversial lol


I didn’t use any swears

I just warned new players to stay away from this ****

What do you think would happen if you walked into a local movie theater and started telling everyone “They need to shut this theater down! Kill this theater!”

Other theater patrons who are just there to have a good time might complain to the management.

And management is likely to ask you to leave.

Except no-one is having a good time


If no one was having a good time, the theater would be empty :woman_shrugging:


I don’t see OP saying the game should be shut down…
They were asking a valid question: what do you still enjoy about the game that makes it worth playing? No need to put words in their mouth.

LadyGeek lockstepping with Scopely as usual

The posts where he said that are in different threads. You don’t necessarily see everything he’s posted.

I’m just trying to explain to explain why his posts are getting flagged, since he brought it up. I have this crazy idea the more players are informed, the better they’ll understand what’s going on.


None, it has been going downhill for a while

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Just because we dont like how the game has become doesn’t mean people dont still enjoy playing. I have fun interacting with my rts family. I play because they make it fun


What’s worth continuing to play? The faction family, the fun rivalries, the race to see who does best between 2 friends, the happy banter and ideas exchange, the search to find solutions in setups.


You always have good replies,Respect

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Scopely cinema. $300 per movie. .2% chance it’s the movie you came to see. 99.8% chance it’s the Emoji movie.


Wait, what is the f word ? :b:uck ?

Flag, actually.